A Business Start Up Conversation with Ed Jones, CPA

In January 2018, I interviewed Ed Jones, a certified public accountant with a specialty in small business start ups. Members of the NOVA Scribes Meetup group dialed in with their questions. We tailored our answers to focus specifically on the unique business needs of visual practitioners.

We covered the gamut of business start up topics, including:

  • Incorporation, business licenses, and legal entities,
  • Insurance and managing risk,
  • Banking, accounts, and processing payments,
  • Sales and income taxes,
  • Contract provisions and terms and conditions,
  • Intellectual property rights,
  • Fees associated with starting up a business,
  • Business expenses and what you can deduct,
  • Marketing, social media, and website hosting,
  • Software licenses,
  • Getting legal advice,
  • Professional associations, and
  • Starting up a business while still working for another company.

Here's the hour-and-a-half video:

Ed is extremely generous with his time and knowledge! If you have specific questions that he didn't answer, please reach out to him at ejones@ebjcpa.com.

Thanks to Lauren Green for technical facilitation, and thanks to Heather Lynn Osborn Herbert for these outstanding sketchnotes:

Sketchnotes by Heather Lynn Osborn Herbert

I'm also including the standard terms and conditions from my proposals, which were written specifically for graphic facilitation and graphic recording. Please read them carefully and use at your own risk: no agreement completely guarantees that nothing will go wrong!

Standard Terms and Conditions

Good luck, and think with ink!