Visual Coaching

A partnership between coach and coachee in order to develop personal and professional goals. The coachee works towards fulfilling their goals; the coach acts as a witness, a mirror, a listener, an empower, and sometimes, a disruptor—whatever behaviors the coachee needs in order to create new habits and achieve their goals. A coach will help care for the fuller version of yourself as you transform and transition. Coaching models we use are the Coactive Model, integrated with leading practices in visualization, such as the Grove's Personal Compass Workbook (video)

Coaching includes: 

  • Active listening 

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Brainstorming activities and action plans

  • Exposure to new ideas

  • Homework

  • Accountability

  • Mindfulness

  • Personal stories and insights

  • Visual templates, sketch-journaling, other visual activities