ENERGIZER: Your Superhero Shield

Visual Energizer: Your Superhero Shield

Visual Energizer: Your Superhero Shield

Here’s a quick visual Energizer that focuses on individuals’ strengths, builds teams, and gets participants drawing.

Download and print this template. Cut the page in half on the dotted line. Pass out a shield to each participant, along with some colored markers. You might also want to have a few copies of the Visual Vocabulary handy.

“Anyone seen Captain America? Well, this is your chance to be like Cap. You have in front of you a blank superhero shield. You’re going to design the emblem. You can draw anything you want, but the emblem must in some way reflect your own unique super powers.”

“What are your super powers? They’re the strengths you bring to your team. Maybe you have a clear vision for the future. Or maybe you can see details of what it will take to get there. Or maybe you’re good at sharing your ideas. Or maybe you’re a great listener. Or maybe you’ll find a way to get the job done, no matter the obstacles. Or maybe you create space for people. Take a few moments and reflect on your individual strengths.”

“When you know what your super powers are, draw a symbol or symbols that represents them on the shield. For example, if you have a clear vision for the future, you might draw a telescope pointed at a star. If you get stuck, use this Visual Vocabulary to get ideas for how you might represent your super powers.”

Give participants a few minutes to reflect on their strengths and draw. Give them time to share their superhero shields either in small groups or as a go-around, hearing from everyone in the room. Post the shields in a common area where everyone can see them throughout the event.

This is a good Energizer to accompany a leadership development, team building, or coaching experience.

Your Superhero Shield comes from Melissa Ladd; used with thanks and permission.