Cognitive Bias Bingo

In case you missed the blog post on Recognizing Cognitive Bias, a cognitive bias is a mental shortcut that can covertly influence decisions.

We like to think that we make decisions analytically and impartially. In fact, most of our decision-making processes fly under the radar of our conscious awareness. Gaining awareness of theses biases is an important step to overcoming them.

This gameboard lists 25 common cognitive biases and heuristics. Print a copy, and the next time you’re in a position to quietly observe a group discussion, check off which of the biases below you observe that may be at work.

Just try to avoid shouting “bingo!” when you get five in a row.

I was introduced to cognitive biases by UFMCS, the Army's Red Team School, and by Bryce Hoffman, author of Red TeamingFor more on cognitive biases, check out the chapter "The Psychology of Red Teaming" in the book Red Teaming by Bryce Hoffman. Content from Red Teaming appears on the Cognitive Bias Bingo gameboard, and is used with permission from Bryce Hoffman.