Design: Microvideos

A microvideo is a short video to tell a story.

MODEL Microvideos.jpg

With smart phones and tablets, nearly everyone has a movie studio at their fingertips.  A three-minute-or-less microvideo that carries the same content as a slideshow, but surprises and engages viewers. More importantly, microvideos can communicate a large amount of information quickly, whereas slideshows can be interrupted by questions or comments that often would have been answered later in the presentation. Microvideos can help achieve a shared understanding more quickly than slideshows, providing more space and context for purposeful discussion afterwards.

Explainer video on how to create microvideos. Microvideos are an easy visual method to communicate ideas.

There are two types of microvideos:

2 types.jpg

Both depend on telling a great story.


And both depend on having a solid visual vocabulary.

Visual Vocabulary.jpg

Here's how to make both kinds of microvideos:


Want to use microvideos in a group setting and have participants create them as a deliverable? Just have them scan this QR code:


UPDATE: Here's the  recorded video from a NOVA Scribes webinar teaching microvideos!

With microvideos, you can tell stories, capture audiences, and let loose your inner Spielberg.