Sticks of tape!

When I'm not lugging around my giant multi-day facilitation kit or even my shoulder bag, I like to go as light as possible. That means bringing nothing more than a roll of paper and a hip pouch with markers. But a roll of tape doesn't easily fit in a hip pouch, so it ends up being just one more thing to carry. 

By accident, I discovered a solution. I like to "tab" strips of tape to make them easier to peel off the paper, saving me from having to dig at it with my fingernails. It turns out that those little tabs make it possible to stack pre-torn strips. What you get is a block of tabbed tape strips that are about the size of a pack of gum. This fits easily in a hip pouch, and it means I can leave the roll of tape behind. This is also a great way to leave tape with a client* for them to hang charts after the event.  

*Heather Martinez has another great way of leaving behind tape. She wraps it around rubber wine corks.