Principle: Balcony and Dancefloor

The principle of the Balcony and the Dancefloor comes from Ron Heifetz.  

It's easy for participants to get tunnel vision on their perspectives, losing focus on what else is happening in the room. By introducing the principle of the Balcony and the Dancefloor, you (or anyone) can call a balcony moment to pause the conversation and shed light on the human behaviors.  

Draw this simple poster: 


Explain that the Dancefloor represents the content of the conversation we're having. It's WHAT we're talking about. The Balcony, by contrast, is a place from which to make objective observations about the human dynamics. It's HOW we're engaging with each other. 

Ask, "What are people noticing about what's happening in the room? What would you say the dynamic is? How are people showing up? What could we do to make this conversation more inclusive of others' views?" 

The Balcony and the Dancefloor is one of the best ways to keep emotions cool and minds open.