Information is everywhere, and the amount of it can be overwhelming. It's not just a matter of ubiquity or technology, of smart phones notifications or flooded inboxes or the fairly recent ability to bring the sum of human knowledge to bear in an instant. As we mature in our lives and our careers, we're faced with increasingly complex and ambiguous circumstances. Communicating the complexities of a future vision, a convoluted environment, or an intricate project succinctly and in a way that they can be easily understood by all audiences is difficult. When the audience is already swimming in a sea of information, communicating with any depth is an even greater challenge. 

Pictures with a Brain is a guide to creating visual "storymaps:" sophisticated illustrations that on the one hand articulate intricate complexities but on the other hand are easy for anyone to create.

I've created this blog as a working space to create Pictures with a Brain. Your comments are welcome!