Idea Modeling

Test of idea modeling against an environmental scan results using 20 squares. 

Test of idea modeling against an environmental scan results using 20 squares. 

Still a work in progress, the concept behind idea modeling is taking brainstorming or design off the whiteboard and into 3-D space.  Idea modeling uses interlocking squares of whiteboard-safe material to capture and relate ideas to each other.

Idea modeling has application to mind mapping, kinesthetic modeling, paper prototyping, design thinking, images of organization, and vision mapping. 

Thanks to my friends Heather and Ray Martinez for your invaluable design and production assistance! 

UniMed Direct - NWCD Conference 2016, New Orleans

For the last four years, UniMed Direct has featured graphic facilitation as a central element of their presence at the National Workers' Compensation and Disabilty Conference. They designed a 10'x8' whiteboard as an integral part of their booth. My job is to ask people open ended questions about their particular line of business in the worker's comp industry. I love it: it's not salesy at all (what do I know about worker's comp?), everyone is friendly and easy to work with, and best of all, the open discussions have no time pressure. That means not only do I get to have rich discussions, but I can also record them at an unhurried pace. So even though the final chart LOOKS like a graphic recording, it's actually graphic facilitation slowed way down, in small groups, and spread across two days. 

The video also includes sketchnotes from a preconference keynote and an after party adult coloring activity.  

Collaborative Communities - Kinetic Sculpture

At the International Forum of Visual Practitioners annual gathering in August 2016 in Washington, DC, we partnered with Kevin Reese of School Sculptures to create a kinetic sculpture representing the future community of visual practitioners. This was the result.

Collaborative Communities - Kinetic Sculpture facilitation at International Forum of Visual Practitioners 2016 in Washington DC. Facilitated by Brian Tarallo, Heather Martinez, Trent Wakenight, Lauren Green, and Dean Meyers. Designed by Kevin Reese.