Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation (or action sketches) are a great way to tell a compelling story. We recently completed a whiteboard animation on the benefits of early childhood education for the Nysmith School for the Gifted in Herndon, Virginia.

Creating a compelling whiteboard animation begins with a solid script, written for the spoken word

Next, we create a storyboard in Google Docs so that we can collaborate with our clients and iterate on ideas. The storyboard includes a text description of an image for each scene.

Capture 1.JPG

Then, we draw pencil sketches for each scene. 

Capture 2.JPG

We refine and finalize the drawings with the client's input.

Capture 3.JPG

We animate each drawing. 

Nysmith 03 Child DEMO.gif

Then, after choosing an voice artist, we record the voiceover. Finally, we cut the animations to match the voiceover and add transitions and music. The result is a video that can be shared on social media, websites, or as part of a presentation.