UniMed Direct - NWCD Conference 2016, New Orleans

For the last four years, UniMed Direct has featured graphic facilitation as a central element of their presence at the National Workers' Compensation and Disabilty Conference. They designed a 10'x8' whiteboard as an integral part of their booth. My job is to ask people open ended questions about their particular line of business in the worker's comp industry. I love it: it's not salesy at all (what do I know about worker's comp?), everyone is friendly and easy to work with, and best of all, the open discussions have no time pressure. That means not only do I get to have rich discussions, but I can also record them at an unhurried pace. So even though the final chart LOOKS like a graphic recording, it's actually graphic facilitation slowed way down, in small groups, and spread across two days. 

The video also includes sketchnotes from a preconference keynote and an after party adult coloring activity.