Julie's Doodles

Julie's Doodles is children's book that teaches a life lesson for children, caregivers, and teachers .

Julie understands the world around her through doodling. Her drawings help her to find her own self confidence, relate to and interact with her classmates, and understand and absorb her lessons. Julie's creative way of engaging with the world is not understood by her teachers and caregivers, who see it as a distraction from more important things.

Julie's Doodles the importance of honoring that each of us learns is his or her own way and the value of visuals in relating to the world around us. 

Julie's Doodles is a labor of love of mine, sparked by the creative insight and transcendent collaboration of my dear friends and colleagues, Diane Durand and Dean Meyers. 

Diane Durand, http://discoverydoodles.com/

Dean Meyers, http://www.deanmeyers.net/