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Client feedback for Lizard Brain Solutions

This has been an exceptional program; I highly recommend it.
I enjoyed the class and gained a lot of new skills.
This made me reevaluate my interactions with others.
One of the best courses I have attended.
This program helped me to understand effective working relationships, and how I can apply it to interpersonal relationships at home and with friends. It helped me become more accountable for my actions in given situations, and made me more self aware of who I am and how other people are, and finally how to overcome pitfalls.
It was eye-opening to learn about the different types of people with different work styles and how we can work effectively together. I’m more aware of what needs to be done to work more effectively.
If everyone remembers a piece of what we learned in this workshop, the company as a whole will be more effective.... Brian is very good at guiding the conversation when needed and creating a “safe’ environment for everyone to share.
Brian’s contribution to the effectiveness of the learning in this program is significant. We are extremely appreciative of his talent and expertise.
“I feel that the course was an excellent learning opportunity as well as an excellent team building exercise.”
“Excellent delivery of a fast-paced program.”
“Brian is a good facilitator. He creates an environment of thinking.”
“WOW! just…. WOW!!!”