Personal Visions

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Team members can support each other's growth and development if they know what each other's vision and goals are. This visual template combines values, vision, and personal and professional goals to help team members share their aspirations.

The Personal Vision is best completed individually. Begin by selecting values. I recommend the Kouzes and Posner deck of values cards. Values should be motivational. Focus on values what that get you energized. Steer away from foundational, must-have values.

Next, work on a Personal Vision statement and Vision Aspects simultaneously. A Personal Vision statement is aspirational. It begins with "to be" or an action word. Where the Personal Vision describes an ultimate end state, Vision Aspects are the attributes that help define that end state . They answer, "What does the Personal Vision mean? What would it look like if you had achieved the Personal Vision?" 

Label the timeline, beginning with this calendar year and going forward.

Fill out Professional Development Goals and the Personal Growth & Learning Goals simultaneously, as they occur to you. It may be easier to choose Professional Goals and then choose Learning Goals that may first be necessary to achieve those Professional Goals. If a goal could fit in either column, just capture it on either one. 

Finally, choose Milestones and Metrics for both the Personal and Professional sides. These are specific measurables or clear achievements. 

Refresh Personal Visions whenever bringing on a new team member or norming as a team

Download the Personal Vision template here.