Norming as a Team

Design and lettering by Heather Martinez,  @corpgraffitiart

Design and lettering by Heather Martinez, @corpgraffitiart

Bringing together a group of high-performing individuals does not automatically result in a high-performing team. The purpose of a Norming Offsite is to put in place the principles and practices that can help develop individuals into a high-performing team. It establishes processes and rhythms to make them successful in the service of their clients. 

The word "norming" comes from the Tuckman model of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning.) The building blocks of a Norming Offsite come from the fields of organizational and leadership development, project management, SAFe/Agile, coaching, and management consulting. The agenda for a Norming offsite follows the flow of what's called "actualization," which is first, orienting to myself as an individual, second, orienting to those around me as my team, and third, orienting to the organization and ecosystem we are a part of.

Here's what a Norming offsite gets you:

A small team of five or six can accomplish most of the activities above in a three-day offsite.

Design and lettering by Heather Martinez, @corpgraffitiart