Lauren's Discovery Questions

Here's a fantastic list of questions for a discovery meeting from Lauren Green:

·       Logistics:

o   Who’s in the room?

§  Leaders / Sponsor

§  Participants

o   Facilitators / collaborators

·       What…?

o   Event type

o   Event title

o   Overall event

·       When…?

o   Date / time

o   Duration

·       Where…?

o   Location

o   In person vs. virtual

·       Client Needs:

o   What…?

§  Is my role

§  Is the desired deliverable (information / graphic / model)

§  Do you hope will happen

§  Are the desired outcomes

§  Do you have so far (norming….)

o   Is some of the history of group or situation

§  Changes have you seen

§  Current State

·       How / Approach Design

o   Anything that you want to make sure is included?

o   Activities that you’ve tried or routines

o   Offer: graphic facilitation (team-building / strategy / design) GR, sketchnotes, graphic design

o   Put together a recommended approach

·       Personal Questions

o   Will I learn something?

o   Am I taking away someone else’s learning opportunity?

o   Is there respect present?

o   Hidden agendas?

o   What do my instincts tell me?

·       Consultant Needs

o   Is there enough time to prepare and enough time to achieve the desired outcomes?

o   Do I have access to the right information?

o   Do I have the support from leadership?

o   Do I have the right level of participation from the client

o   Is confidentiality being maintained?

o   Will there be an opportunity to give / receive feedback on the end resul