Reasons to Hire a Visual Practitioner

Art by Bruce Van Patter

Art by Bruce Van Patter

I just got a beautiful postcard from Phil Bakelaar and the IFVP featuring art by Bruce Van Patter. It has six great reasons to hire a visual practitioner. 

The value of graphic facilitation is easy to see but tough to describe. Every so often I hear, "What's the value in having graphic facilitation? What's the ROI?" Here's some language for the metrics-minded leads and clients:

From Robert E. Horn's book Visual Language, a study by John Sweller found that:
- Visuals produces better problem solving (45% answers correct on a test using conventional text and separate diagrams vs. 64% answers correct using integrated text and diagrams), and
- Visual language produces higher retention (22% more) and in less time (13% less.)

Additionally, the Wharton School of Business found that visuals in business led to:
- 64% increase in immediate decision making,
- a clear preference towards presenters who used visuals,
- reduction in meeting time by 24%, 
- an increase in consensus in groups from 58% without visuals to 79% using visuals. and
- an increase from 50% of audience members persuaded using verbal presentations to 67% of audience members persuaded using verbal plus visuals.