Begin with a Vision

Before you do anything else, create a vision. A clear, concise, memorable vision will serve you throughout the stand up of your practice. It is your own job description. It clarifies what tasks you should (and should not) take on. It is what what ultimately will win you buy-in and sponsorship from leadership.

The vision is not for marketing purposes. It should not be crammed with adjectives, big words and consultant-speak. Everyone on the team should be able to instantly recall the vision.  Keep it short.

The vision should be ambitious enough inspire motivated people to join your team. It should reflect a higher purpose than dollars and cents. Like the NASA janitor who said, "I'm helping to put a man on the moon," it should unify the raison d'etre for everyone on the team.

And of course, the best vision is visual. A good exercise is to have each individual on your team create a mindmap with the vision at its core, branching out their own unique interpretation of what that means. That creates meaning and connection for the vision to each individual making it their own. And creating a single mindmap with each team member's perspective is a powerful visual. 

But again, the real value of the vision is that it ultimately defines what you're trying to achieve - a story you'll have to tell over and over as you grow the practice.

Example visions:

  • Build a world-class visualization practice
  • Enhance [the core business] through visuals
  • Be the go-to visualization practice in [pick a locale, pick an industry]
  • Serve [pick a clientele] through visuals
  • Turn everything into a picture